Ford PowerShift Transmission Settlement

Submit a Claim

Claims for benefits under the Settlement Agreement can be submitted after the date on which the Settlement obtains final approval. On October 2, 2017, the Court will hold a hearing to consider final approval of the Settlement. Please check this website after that date for updates regarding deadlines to submit claims.

To learn more about the benefits created by the Settlement, please review the FAQ section on this website and the summaries below:

  1. Software Flash. You may be eligible for a cash payment of $50 for each Software Flash (see FAQ 17). Eligibility begins with the third Software Flash, and you may claim up to $600 for all Software Flashes performed on your Vehicle.


  1. Transmission Hardware Replacement. You may be eligible for cash payments or vehicle discount certificates of increasing value for each Transmission Hardware Replacement (see FAQ 12). Eligibility begins with the third Transmission Hardware Replacement, and you may claim up to $2,325 in cash or $4,650 in certificates for all Transmission Hardware Replacements (see FAQ 13).


  1. Repurchase/Replacement. You may be eligible for the repurchase or replacement of your car by Ford (see FAQ 27). Claims for this benefit will be resolved by a third-party arbitrator who will apply your state’s lemon law or the default remedy created by the Settlement (see FAQ 33). Ford will cover the costs of the arbitration. Before your claim can be processed, you must give Ford notice of your intent to pursue a repurchase, and Ford will have 10 days to try to resolve your claim before arbitration begins. Other restrictions may apply (see FAQs 28-33).

      2. Benefits for Breach of Warranty Claims. You may be eligible for compensation for transmission-related repairs that should have been covered by warranty (breach of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or its extensions), including reimbursement, a complementary repair and/or an extension of warranty. Such claims will be subject to Arbitration (see FAQs 41-44). 

      3. Replacement Clutch for Certain Vehicles. You may be eligible for reimbursement of costs you paid related to multiple clutch replacements (see FAQs 45-46).

Once the claims process begins, you will be asked to provide repair orders or other documentary proof of repairs along with your claims.  Please consult the FAQ for more information about these benefits, including applicable requirements and limitations.